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MAX Green Line Project History

MAX train at a station along I-205

I-205/Portland Mall Green Line

Clackamas Town Center/City Center
  • Opened: Sept 12, 2009
  • Length: 8.3 miles
  • Stations: 20 (8 along I-5 and 12 on the Portland Mall)
  • Construction: Feb. 2007-Sept. 2009
  • Cost: $575.7 million


  • Connects Southeast Portland neighborhoods along Interstate 205, introduced light rail into Clackamas County and revitalized Portland's downtown transit mall to Portland State University
  • TriMet's 5th light rail project, bringing the region's total light rail system to 52 miles
  • Funded by the Federal Transit Administration (72%), state transportation funds (4%) and local funds (24%)
  • Connects to the existing Banfield/I-84 light rail line, allowing light rail riders to travel between Clackamas County, Gresham, the airport, Washington County, North Portland and downtown Portland
  • For the first time, motorists and cyclists share traffic lanes along the entire length of the Portland Mall